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"It's great to be able to feel healthy and energised, even though I'm living off minimal sleep with a newborn baby!"
Losing the baby weight has been a delicious pleasure for Rach!

Being pregnant and giving birth has a huge effect on a woman's body, not to mention then having to care for a newborn baby 24/7!

Rach started working out again 11 weeks after giving birth to her baby girl, and over the next 16 weeks, she transformed her body back into shape - in fact, better shape than before she fell pregnant!



Rach achieved these results using the nutrition principles in our MP Challenge, and did 3 x FIRE workouts in the gym every week. By focusing on building lean muscle with FIRE training, she created an ideal environment for her metabolism to burn fat fast!

Plus, by enjoying at least 6 fast, delicious, nutritious meals per day, she never went hungry, never had to count calories and she felt energised - so important when you're a busy mum!


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