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"I am happy and more confident than I have ever been!"

Krystle lost 30kg and completely turned her life around!

At just 18 years of age, Krystle was overweight, unfit and unhappy. She was a talented tennis player, but due to her weight, she wasn't able to reach her full potential in the game she loved.


Fast forward 12 months and Krystle looked and felt like a new person! By combining smart, effective exercise with fast, delicious nutrition, she lost 30kg, lost inches from her body and regained her fitness levels to help her become competitive at tennis once again.

Krystle said, “I feel as though the 12 Week Metabolic Precision course has helped me learn how to eat healthy and not starve! I have learnt how much you can eat and still lose weight - there are so many different meals to choose from. At first, I wasn't sure of how it could work, but all the hard work has paid off!"

Today, Krystle is passing on the knowledge she learned by experiencing her own weight loss journey and is now a fully qualified personal trainer, managing a popular 24 hour gym.

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