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“THANK YOU Luke and Rachael for your amazing help and dedication. You guys have helped to change my life!"

In 26 weeks, Chris completely changed his body and lifestyle around!

When Chris first came to see us at our New Farm Personal Training studio, he was depressed, unhealthy and had a drinking problem. In fact, he was actually drunk at his initial consultation!

However, as a business owner and father of 2 boys, he had a lot at stake and knew that he needed to make some changes - fast.



Chris achieved outstanding results over 2 Metabolic Precision programs with us - he increased his muscle mass, decreased his body fat and regained energy he didn't know he could have. Best of all, he stopped drinking, improved his nutrition and left the antidepressants behind.

Here's what Chris had to say about his time with us. "Luke Archer's program is amazing! He's all about not overtraining, eating correctly, hydration and good quality rest. Man, it's so easy, it's funny! Threw all my bad habits out the door with my antidepressants 5 months ago and never looked back! The big thing is that I'm the happiest I've ever been - so centred and stress free."

Learn more about the Metabolic Precision Program that helped Chris to completely transform his life!

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