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I love the fun and energetic vibe of the studio!
Having a demanding physical job hasn't stopped Jack from achieving fantastic results in his 12 Week Program at our New Farm personal training studio!

Having a neighbour comment on his weight was the turning point that helped Jack to change his lifestyle and body shape.

A New Farm local, he joined MP about a year ago and hasn't looked back! Jack is a landscaper, so is out in the sun performing physical tasks all day. However, this hasn't stopped him from making food and exercise a priority.

Jack initially started in our ICE Training sessions and more recently completed our 12 Week Metabolic Precision Program. In 12 weeks, he lost 7kg! As you can see from the photos, he totally transformed his body shape and when you chat to him in person, you'll see that he has energy to burn. He is a super fast runner and is only getting quicker as time goes on!

He says, "What I have learnt in the 12 Week Challenge is to exercise less and eat more." Gotta love that advice!

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