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"The rewards are life changing!"
12 weeks of dedication transformed Darryn's body completely!

Going up 2 sizes in his work uniform was the push that Darryn needed to get his healthy lifestyle back on track.

He knew that being a long haul flight attendant would provide it's own unique set of challenges when it came to fitting in workouts and eating healthy food, but to his absolute credit, Darryn made it work - and the results speak for themselves!




Darryn achieved these amazing changes in just 1 x 12 week Metabolic Precision program with us - he increased his muscle mass, decreased his body fat and had tonnes of energy. Plus, his work uniform was hanging off him by the end of it! 

What's even more impressive about his transformation, is that he spends most of his time in an airplane, with a constantly changing roster. Darryn overcame all of his logistical challenges because he was totally committed to the program and to himself.

Well done, Daz!

Learn more about the Metabolic Precision Program that helped Darryn to completely transform his body!

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