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Becoming a mum is exhilarating and scary, all at the same time!

Not only do you have a new little human being relying on you 24/7, you also have to get your head around the fact that life will never be the same again.

You may be feeling like you don't know who you are anymore.

You may be feeling lost with your new routine (or lack thereof!), and feel totally out of your depth with your newfound parenting skills.

You might also be struggling with lack of sleep, discomfort from carrying and giving birth to a baby and pain from breastfeeding.

Maybe you've lost your connection with your partner because your baby is so full on, or you feel disconnected from your friends because you can't leave the house at the times they are free to catch up.

But, you also know that you want to feel great about yourself again, and you want to set a wonderful example for your child.

You want to look after yourself, and your family, because you know that when you're healthy and energetic, your whole family will benefit.

You're aching to feel confident, strong and "yourself" again.

I know, because I've been there.

And with my husband, Luke, by my side, I was able to start feeling like myself again. Well, a new version of me!

Exercise was a big part of that - being able to incorporate workouts in to my new routine as a mum (and have my baby there while doing it) was a godsend! I didn't want to leave my baby with a complete stranger at a gym crèche, so I found ways to work out with her there.

And Luke and I started thinking.... I wonder if other mums out there feel the way I do about making workouts happen with bub in tow?


Introducing our Mums N Bubs Fitness Classes!



Who can take part in Mums n Bubs classes?

Any Brisbane mums who:

have recently had their baby and are looking to get back into a regular exercise routine.

are struggling for motivation and need a bit of extra support and a positive environment.

want to get fitter, strengthen their pelvic floor and tone up! 

want to meet other like-minded mums in the local New Farm area.

want to take some time out of their day to dedicate to themselves, without having to worry about organising a babysitter for their baby.  

These classes are dedicated to any Brisbane mums who'd like to make exercise fun and rewarding!



 Mum of 1, Liz, achieved awesome results in 12 weeks!


What's involved?

 access to 30 minute workouts across the week

mum-friendly times of 9:30am Monday and Wednesday

 currently, sessions are being delivered online via Zoom, so you don't need to leave the comfort of your own home to get a great workout!



All fitness levels welcome!


How much?

Get started for as little as $15 per week for 1 session or $24.95 for 2 workouts.

Try us for FREE - get your first week complimentary!

We like to make our classes personalised, so our numbers are limited to 10 people per session - book today!






How long do the Mums n Bubs classes go for?

Sessions are only 30-40 minutes long, including a stretch at the beginning and the end.


What's involved with the Mums n Bubs classes? Will I be able to keep up?

Sessions are cardio-based and can be catered to all different fitness levels. We always offer different options for each exercise and you can choose the best option for you. We understand that pregnancy and birth is a huge stress on a woman's body, so we will never push you beyond what you're ready for. Our trainers are qualified in pre and post natal exercise, so will be able to work with your body to get the best results possible, safely. 


I've just had a baby. When will I be able to do your Mums n Bubs classes?

Most doctors recommend that 6 weeks after having your baby, you are able to resume exercise. However, as every pregnancy and birth is different, please ensure that you have a medical clearance from your doctor before you begin working out with us.




Simply book your spot here and we will be in touch!


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