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My top 3 kitchen timesavers

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 | By Rachael Archer
When you have kids, spending a whole bunch of time in the kitchen preparing healthy meals isn't always realistic. Finding recipes, doing the shopping, prepping the meals - it all takes time, and it's often time that we just don't have. So, when you're short on time, I have a few go to strategies that ensure I have healthy meals ready to go: 1. Use your slow cooker! Tu ..

I made jam today!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 | By Rachael Archer
So, there was some raisin bread on special last week and I thought I'd grab some for Isabella. We never have bread in our house, so I thought it might be nice for her to try. She finished the loaf within 2 days (with some help from her Mummy and Daddy - this is why we don't have bread in the house!) and so it's safe to say she liked it. I bought some more today, and wanted to cha ..

Banana Bread - Without the Flour, Butter or Sugar!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 | By Rachael Archer
Don't ask me why, but this week, I just felt like baking! (It's always dangerous...) I had some overripe bananas, so went searching online for a banana bread recipe that I could tweak and make my own. And I found one! It's free from flour, butter and sugar - and it still tastes great! Here's my recipe for Healthy Banana Bread. Ingredients: 3 x ripe bananas  ..

5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy: Part 4 - Don't Forget to Live!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016 | By Rachael Archer
What 3 words spring to mind when you think of the word, "diet?" For example, the Lemon Detox diet, where you only consume lemon drinks for a week to 10 days. Or the Cabbage Soup diet, where you eat cabbage soup ONLY for 7 days. Um, no thanks! When I look at diets like these, this is what I think of: - It's completely unsustainable: You can't possibly eat that way long term. ..

5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy: Part 5 - Be SMART!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016 | By Rachael Archer
Recently, I decided to get serious about getting leaner. I wanted to prove (mainly to myself) that even though I'd had a baby, my body was still capable of being fit, strong and toned. I eat well most of the time and workout several times throughout the week, but I wasn't seeing much progress... So what did I have to change? Well, actually, not that much. However, I was mis ..

5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier: Part 3 - More Meal Ideas!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 | By Rachael Archer
This week, I have 2 more meal ideas for you - a simple Bolognaise recipe with steamed veggies and a yummy sweet "dessert" without the guilt! Mince Bolognaise Ingredients: 1kg extra lean beef mince 1 brown onion 750g pasta sauce 1 tbsp mixed herbs Salt and pepper to season Method: Chop onion into small pieces. Place mince and onion into a large ..

5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier: Part 3

Wednesday, February 03, 2016 | By Rachael Archer
Recipes. For people like me who aren't really creative in the kitchen, having a recipe to follow is a godsend! Over time, I've found that there are some recipes that take me forever to get through and there are other dishes that I can whip up in no time. As a mum looking to save as much time as possible in the kitchen, I know which recipes I'd prefer to use on a regular basis!  ..

5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier: Part 2

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 | By Rachael Archer
I don't know about you, but at the end of a long day with a baby/toddler, I don't really feel like standing in front of the stove and cooking a meal. In fact, it very rarely happens in our household. "Do you eat dinner?" I hear you ask. Yep, we do. Only I have all of our meals cooked in advance. Twice a week, I do the "shop 'n chop" - I buy groceries, I bring them home, chop up  ..

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