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Postpartum Friendly Workout from Home

Thursday, August 13, 2020 | By Rachael Archer
Well, if this video doesn’t sum up #mumlife (, I don’t know what does! - Mum fitting in a quick 15 minute workout in her living room - Toddler hanging off her every move - Dog hanging around in case she’s got food - Washing line full and ready to be folded Moral of the story? If we waited until there was  ..

An effective workout in just 12 minutes? Yes please!

Thursday, May 04, 2017 | By Rachael Archer
This week's been a bit out of sorts for me. Noah, my little (but actually rather big!) 5 month old came down with a bad cold, so I've had him attached to me for the past few days. On days like this, I find it's really important to still find a few minutes for myself, whether it be to read a few pages of a book, scroll mindlessly through social media or exercise! And this week, I ..

Full body home workout

Wednesday, August 03, 2016 | By Rachael Archer
Here's a really quick workout that you can do anywhere, anytime. It's not quite as high intensity as some of the workouts I've shared with you before, so if you prefer some less intense (but still challenging) exercises, then this one is a great one to do! Here's the workout: 10 x push ups 10 x side lunges (on each leg) 10 x shoulder taps (on each side) 10 x ..

Got a pram?

Thursday, May 19, 2016 | By Rachael Archer
Chances are, if you're a mum, you have a pram. Did you know that there are lots of great exercises you can do with a pram? I did a workout at the park with Isabella yesterday. I had her in the pram for the first round of exercises, and then took her out, thinking that she'd like to run around, but she enjoyed herself so much, that she hopped straight back in! I did 10 of each e ..

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