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Who's your waterboy?

Luke Archer - Thursday, April 19, 2018

I'm not talking about the Adam Sandler movie, "The Waterboy!"

I'm talking about your very own personal waterboy. 

I play rugby league, and we have 2 waterboys at every game. 

They're responsible (obviously) for running water out to the team. 

But their role is so much more than that! 

They give instructions from the coaches, they give us a kick up the butt when needed and they give us a pat on the back, too. 

I love my waterboys! 

So much so, that I believe we should all have a waterboy off the footy field, too. 

We all need someone in our corner who is willing to give us feedback and be our shoulder to lean on, too. 

We all need people in our lives who have our back. 

Support from people we trust is so important, especially when we're going through change or growth in our lives. 

So, who's your waterboy?

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