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I was out of my comfort zone

Luke Archer - Thursday, October 11, 2018

I had to laugh.

(Actually, Rachael did most of the laughing, as you'll see). 

We were midway through this week's Transformation Tip, and all of a sudden, different filters started appearing on our faces in the video, without us doing anything! 

It was like my Facebook account was hacked or something?! 

And I just found the whole thing really ironic.

Talking on a live video isn't always comfortable, and there's definitely been times where we've had to push ourselves out of our comfort zones to talk about certain topics.

And there we were in the middle of talking about comfort zones, and all of these crazy things started popping up on our faces, as if to say, "Here's something to really make you feel uncomfortable!"

So, if you want to have a giggle, give this week's video a watch. 

Oh, and we also share 3 strategies for managing the stress associated with getting out of our comfort zones, too! 

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