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Do you enjoy our boxing sessions but want more time to perfect your skills?
Would you like to be able to punch harder, feel more coordinated and have more control over where your punches land?
Would you like to take your boxing skills to the next level?
We are lucky to have our very own expert in the MP community - Daz has been boxing for many years, and throughout this time, has applied his craft as a boxer, as well as a boxing coach.
He will be delivering a workshop for us on Saturday 20th February, which will cover all the basics to help you box more efficiently and powerfully and get more from your boxing training!

You will learn:
* Stance and footwork - how to move with ease in all directions
* How to perform all punches correctly and effectively
* How to defend yourself safely
* Put it all together with some combinations!
You'll be nailing the basic techniques to help you get the most from your boxing workouts!

Here's the details:
Day: Saturday 20th February
Time: 9-11am
Investment: Just $47
What to bring: Towel, water bottle, gloves and inners/wraps (if you have them - we can provide gloves and inners).

We only have limited numbers, so book your spot asap!
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