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"Success is a journey, not a destination..."


It's an old saying, but when it comes to living a full and healthy life, it couldn't be more true! Everybody's journey is different, however the principles and values that we believe in here at MP Studio can apply to anyone.   



Here are some of our guiding philosophies:

Focus on the big picture. Being healthy is so much more than just looking good - it's about looking, feeling and functioning at your very best! What's the point of looking good if you have no energy to get through the day or if you're run down and sick all of the time? 

Body transformation should be a completely holistic process. Change isn't made by just addressing the "physical" aspects of life - mental, emotional and physical shifts must occur for there to be long lasting, significant results. If you don't address the reasons that caused you to be unhealthy and/or overweight in the first place, the chances of creating long term success are slim.

With the right support, education and encouragement, you can achieve anything. We are big believers in community and we strive to create a real "family feel" in everything we do at our New Farm personal training studio. Our goal is for you to feel empowered by the knowledge that we give you and for you to feel comfortable and safe in our space. We really care about you and your results and we aim to deliver massive value in everything we do. We want to be your biggest supporters!

Exercise and food should be fun and should fit into YOUR lifestyle! We are all busy and the last thing you need is an exercise program and nutrition plan that are unrealistic for you to maintain. We want you to feel empowered, not overwhelmed, to achieve your goals and we are passionate about providing personalised personal training, group fitness training and nutritional solutions for you to embrace as an everyday part of life.

Life is there to be enjoyed... You really can have the body of your dreams without counting calories, depriving yourself of your favourite things and having to slog it out at the gym for hours on end. In fact, we actually recommend that you enjoy red wine, chocolate and coffee as a part of your plan and that you exercise for no more than 3% of your week! Life is too short to feel deprived.


Here at our New Farm personal training studio, our vision is to help you look better, feel better and function better long term so that you can get the most from life. We look forward to welcoming you to our family!

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Our Results

Scott came to our New Farm personal training studio lacking energy and out of shape. Long days as a plumber on job sites didn't help his lifestyle choices and he wanted to do something to improve ..